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Tesla has Wide Range of Services with different products for different industry sectors, there isn't a product that doesn’t' fit your requirements


Industrial Automation Solutions, Reliability Centered ,Maintenance & Asset Condition Monitoring Solutions, Power Management Solutions, Third Party Commissioning ,Management Electrical & Control Panel Assembly , Industrial I/O Products , Substation Automation, Electrical SCADA and DMS


Each industry has its own challenges, and our experienced team of engineers is capable of helping our clients to work through these challenges and come up with the right solutions to address them. Whether you are a contractor, utility provider, an oil & gas producer, or a manufacturer; we have the right set of expertise to help our clients to optimize their facilities and keep them focused on their production planning & management.

Why Tesla UAE

leading Industrial Automation Solutions provider offering services in the Middle East region and covering a wide range of applications and processes including Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Manufacturing.


recommends regular preventive maintenance of its converters and inverters throughout their lifetime to ensure maximum availability and minimum unplanned repair costs. Preventive maintenance consists of annual inspections and component replacements according to product-specific maintenance schedules.


A full range of lifecycle services from spare parts, repair, training and technical support to upgrades and evolution to help you keep production running, maximize system lifecycle, optimize processes and deliver operational excellence.

Installation EXPERTISE

professional installation and start-up services for power converters and invertors. installation services are available to meet critical business needs anywhere in the world, regardless of size or complexity. Our engineers can draw on extensive practical experience gained in many installation and commissioning assignments, both at domestic sites and abroad.


Services include functional test and on-site configuration of control system components through full process control commissioning. Flawless installation quality, execution, cost management and safety


Regular maintenance decreases the risk of equipment failures and unscheduled repairs. Life cycle assessment - the basis for a long-term maintenance and improvement plan

Tesla has complete solution for your power requirements

we have built the expertise that enables us to provide our clients with wide range of products and services related to the industrial facility that they are running or planning to build. We offer PLC/SCADA-based automation solutions as well as DCS-based ones, Custom Software Solutions, Control & Electrical Panel design and assembly, Field Installation & Services, and Third-Party Commissioning Management Services.

"What really turned me over was the Country Wide Presence of TESLA for Testing , service , support."
John Doe
Solution By Industry and Service
  • Power Generation

    A variety of power generation products. Complete range of MV / LV Switchgear, Control Console/Desk, Automation Panel and R & C panels.

  • Transmission & Distribution

    A wide variety of transmission and distribution equipment. Complete range of R & C panels.

  • Data Center

    A vast variety of solutions for data centers. Mosaic / Mimic Control Panels, Data Retrieval Panels / Automation Panels.

Solution By Services


  • Design / Engineering Services

    We design and engineer your products as per your requirements. Network calculation, Metering / Protection SLD.
  • Supervision of Installation

    We help to install the products, making sure it is safe and secure before use.
  • Customer Service and Support

    Different support services make sure we give our customers the utmost service. Our products are fully backed up by our efficient after sales services crew.



tesla uae provides the best solution

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Different support services make sure we give our customers the utmost service. Our products are fully backed up by our efficient after sales services crew.


We also share with our customer the design document of the product and take their approval before putting the product into manufacturing. After installation, if there are any technical issues, our technical support team helps our valued customers


manufacturing operations with a range of customer services along with its products. With product delivery our team of professionals gives pre-installation and post installation services along with advocating the right product for your requirement.

Amazingly Support

A designated and competent technician is fully equipped and available at short notices to attend either the installed equipment site, or your individual workshop locations throughout the UAE and overseas. Technicians are further supported and advised by more expert personnel from the Design, Testing, Contract Management and Manufacture of the offered product range.


Electricity Metering & Supply Electrical distribution: Protection & Instrumentation System Process Control Utilities Management Multi-site remote management Complete solution for power production, transmission & distribution Infrastructure/ building Optimization of process energy Process Automation


Power Generation Transmission & Distribution Data Center & Telecommunication Industrial Parks Cement & Aluminum Pharmaceutical Food, Beverage and Packaging Petrochemical Infrastructure Desalination Plant Steel Industries

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